THU: 2080

Lio nelle thu2180 final
final image THU 2080
Lio nelle thu203992
step 1 super quick rought sketch
Lio nelle thu2180 2
step 2 rought line art
Lio nelle thu2180 5
step 3 improving line art and prospective
Lio nelle thu2180 10c big
step 4 rought color
Lio nelle thu2180 11c big
step 5 i mirrored the image to see what's wrong, improved facial feature and other detail
Lio nelle thu2180 12
step 6 improve color and prospective
Lio nelle thu2180 14
step 7 star to removed line art, improve color added some shadow
Lio nelle thu2180 15
step 8 improved color
Lio nelle thu2180 17
step 9 mirrored image to correct some errors, improve color, added bounce light and ambient light , some sub surface scattering
Lio nelle thu2180 final low
step 10 final piece, improve colors and values , added some post prod FX suc cromatic abberation and some noise distorsion to simulate some video errors

So this is my final image for the competition THU Reborn. It was a really good experience to partecipate, a big thanks to other artist of the competition that gave me good C&C

for who is interested i upload my process